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Fixed Ops SEO and Car Dealership Service and Parts Fixed Operations Internet Marketing and Advertising with Service Shout™

Car Dealership Fixed Operations Internet Marketing reaches new heights with Service Shout™, Sphere Control SEO’s Internet Advertising service providing Fixed Ops SEO – Search Engine Optimization!. If you want increased visibility online in the Fixed Ops arena, you must become an Authority in the eyes of the Search Engines. Want to know why your service drive is empty at times? Because your 2,000 page Car Dealership website only has about 5 pages dedicated to service and parts. And those 5 or so pages are not optimized!

News Flash: 40% of Automotive Searches in Google are for Fixed Operations!

Currently, 40% of all Automotive searches on Google, in the USA, are for service and parts related needs. Yes, nearly one half of all searches in Google for automotive related terms are for Fixed Operations! And if you look at the totality of the content on your Car Dealership Website, about 1% of your website content is dedicated to Service and Parts (and Body shop?). Another fact is that Nationally, roughly 80% of a OE New Car dealership net profits come from Fixed Operations. So let’s see here…Forty Percent (40%) of all Automotive searches in Google are for service and parts, but only four or five pages on a dealers website are ABOUT service and parts, while dealers make 80% of their Net Profits from fixed operations. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE WHAT SO EVER?!?! No!!

Service Shout™ Automotive Fixed Operations SEO and Internet Advertising to the Rescue!

Sphere Control SEO’s Service Shout™ automotive fixed operations internet advertising service combines World Class Find ME™ Search Engine Optimization with additional optimized content that drives business to your doors! This quick Service and Parts Department rescue and long term marketing plan is designed around three simple Car Dealership Website internet advertising truths:

  1. Maximize organic search engine visibility
  2. Have compelling offers
  3. Drive more phone calls and e-mail leads


Automotive Dealerships are Losing Service Profits to Independent Car Repair Garages

Independent Car Repair Garages are taking away Automotive Car Dealership service and parts department business regularly now for several reasons. If you look at the total content on independent repair shop sites, almost ALL of it is dedicated to….you guessed it…service and parts!! And thus, Search Engines assign “Authority” status to those sites quicker due to the level of content found on their pages. And, when Service and Parts content on the Independent Shops website is compared to content as a whole on the same site, obviously a Search Engine is going to give ranking weight to the site that has the higher percentage of Fixed Operations content.

Service Shout™ Fixed Operations Service and Parts Internet Marketing for Quick and Effective Results!

Your Car Dealership needs quick and effective Automotive SEO and Internet Marketing results, Sphere Control SEO’s Service Shout™ solution is the very best option! Service Shout™ by Sphere Control SEO is the Search Engine optimized solution for Service and Parts marketing online! We provide several levels of service to help nearly any car repair facility get more customers and profits! Service Shout™ Automotive Fixed Operations Internet Advertising includes multiple pages of Search Engine Optimized Coupon-type offers, optimized text supporting the coupon images (remember, Google is a text matching engine!), optimized title tags and other meta data so important to the search engines, and proper link structure in your website. Remember this: There are many providers of cool, flashy graphics and offers for your car dealership or service garage, but Sphere Control SEO are experts and the search engine war. Sphere Control knows how to get More New Eyes on your website and how to Turn Those New Visitors into paying customers! Service Shout™ Service and Parts Internet Marketing is the culmination of Sphere Control SEO staff experience in the Automotive Industry, Find Me™ SEO, Car Dealer SEO, Yes!™ Conversion Rate Optimization, and our Service Driver fixed operations customer retention program!!

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