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Social Media Engagement and marketing for business is the critical Social Media Optimization function of Engage™ by Sphere Control SEO. Engage™ Social Media Optimization is a full service Social Media content delivery, monitoring and engagement platform designed to meet the needs of businesses. Engage™ is scalable to meet the size and needs of different sized companies, be they a local retail shop or even a mid-cap or large-cap multinational corporation. Currently, Engage™ focuses on the three top platforms to reach potential clients: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Engage™ Social Media Optimization and Content Delivery focuses on top sites

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are by far the top sites for Sphere Control SEO’s Engage™ Social Media Optimization and Content Delivery platform to capture the eyes and time of potential clients and current customers as well. Critically, it is important to understand that the eyes of your customers are on Facebook more than any other site in the world. As a matter of fact, being a Search Engine Marketing company, we are well aware than Facebook is now a bigger search engine than Yahoo and Bing-MSN combined!

Platform Design and Build is Key

With Engage™ Social Media Optimization, Sphere Control SEO actually builds and optimizes the look, feel and content of your Facebook page, twitter account and Linked I profile page. As a matter of fact, we offer different levels of service where the Engage™ Social Media Marketing team will craft and deliver optimized content to your sites. This service is designed to enhance the fulfillment of our two main objectives: Search (being found), and Engagement (offering compelling offers or content that converts potential customers into leads and helps you retain your current clientele).

Engage™ Social Media Optimization is critical to Online Reputation Management and Search

One of the main reasons Social Media Marketing and Engagement is so important is that these social avenues of customer interaction are vital in this day of hyper customer service and instant gratification. This clearly enhances a business’s online reputation and search visibility, with the addition of search engine friendly optimized content as well.

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