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Pay Per Click Paid Internet Advertising (PPC or CPC) provides immediate targeted website traffic to your website through On Top™ Search Engine Marketing

Mission Critical Search Engine Marketing is perfected with Sphere Control SEO’s On Top™ Pay Per Click paid internet advertising. PPC, also known as Cost Per Click or CPC, is a great way to get very targeted traffic to your website. Quickly! Where organic search results through Search Engine Optimization can take time, On Top™ can be set up and running in as little as four hours! The best feature about On Top™ Pay Per Click paid search engine marketing compared to nearly all other forms of paid advertising is that you spend ZERO dollars (yes, that’s the grand sum of $0.00) until someone takes action by clicking a advertising link to your website!

On Top™ PPC Search Engine Marketing is the Best Value and Most Versatile!

Every business needs the most versatile and best value advertising available. In today’s economy and marketplace, On Top™ PPC Search Engine Marketing is the clear choice! Regardless of if you are a small local business, a mid-cap regional company, or a large cap international conglomerate, Cost-Per-Click internet search engine advertising is the best choice based on simple ROI! Sphere Control SEO’s Mission Critical Paid Search Campaigns create a unique and effective way for any small business owners to operate on a much larger scale. Pay Per Click internet advertising allows a business of any size to succeed at the same level as significantly larger companies online.

Automotive PPC Paid Search Campaigns help Car Dealers with Internet Advertising

Car dealers reap significant benefits in Internet Advertising from our Automotive PPC Paid Search Pay-Per-Click Campaigns! Combined with World Class SEO Services, our Search Engine Marketing team can deliver immediate, targeted new traffic to your website.

Further, as we set up car dealership websites for paid search, we build landing pages to Optimize Conversion of Web traffic while placing Optimized Content on said sites too. With Car Dealer automotive Pay Per Click campaigns, car dealers can better manage and reap rewards from their weekly “weekend” sales due to Automotive PPC’s ability to be turned on and off in a matter of minutes!

Medical Search Engine Marketing and Paid Search Campaigns enable Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing is Critical for Medical offices and practices, and Paid Search Campaigns through Sphere Control SEO’s Search Engine Marketing Team are a great way to deliver your messages and offers to your current and potential patients. Medical PPC and SEM is a very quick, effective and cost conscious way of getting more, and better quality, traffic to your Doctors Office Website. Combined with our Med Sphere™ Medical Internet Marketing, Physicians running small, medium and large practices can expect exponential growth in less than a year! Further, many Chiropractors (DC or Doctors of Chiropractic) using our PPC Cost Per Click Internet Advertising Model and Digital Apogee™ Optimized Website Content.

Law Office PPC Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising for Law Offices and Legal firms is clearly one of the most effective avenues to gain new clients while retaining current clients. As we all know, advertising by Attorneys and Legal Firms is very competitive. And though Attorney and Law Firm internet marketing is extremely effective, pure organic online advertising can take some time, especially in large metropolitan areas or crowded legal fields.

Sphere Control SEO’s On Top™ Cost Per Click internet advertising quickly places advertising links to your website on the top of page one in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and other search and social sites.

Pay Per Click online marketing and SEO Work Together

Sphere Control SEO clearly understands the correlation between combined search results derived from both SEO and Pay Per Click online marketing working together. The graphic below shows a portion of our process for SEO and PPC campaigns.

Our Exhaustive experience with Search Engine Marketing allows us to quickly dial in your campaign and bring clients to your website! Combined with our Yes!™ Conversion Rate Optimization service, more and better qualified traffic converts into contacts and leads for your company.

The Very Best Search Engine Marketing for Automotive Dealerships, Law Firms, and Medical Practices comes from Sphere Control SEO

Law Firms, Automotive Dealerships and Medical Practices gain the very best search engine marketing services from Sphere Control SEO simply because we understand your market. We clearly grasp how your current and prospective clients are searching for when they are looking for your service or product. Our Mission Critical Search services, Find Me™ SEO and On Top™ PPC Cost per Click internet advertising are the best solutions to assist your need to dominate in the search engine marketing arena! Contact Sphere Control SEO today for a free, no strings attached, website analysis and consultation.

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