Month: December 2015

Agreement with On Page attributes is part of the ARA method discussed in this SEO Lesson on the basics by Sphere Control SEO

ARA stands for Agreement, Relevance and Authority. This is part one of a basic SEO lesson dealing with On Page SEO and how to achieve Agreement in the on page attributes. Throughout the year, I teach Search Engine Optimization to a wide audience of individuals. These individuals vary in SEO knowledge from a passing interest to people who actually wind up teaching me! One thing is for sure, the function of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is dynamic, a constantly moving target. However, once we learn how a Search Engine “thinks”, the function of SEO becomes clear and much easier!

It is important to remember that, at this juncture, Google is primarily a Text Matching Engine. I often liken current search engines to everyone’s favorite old video game “Pac Man”. You might recall that Pac Man went about his video game life eating little white dots. Much like Pac Man, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engines do much the same thing. They have an insatiable appetite for Text! And it seems the more the better! And even more important with Google Panda 2.5, Google wants Unique Content AND Fresh content. Yikes! Someone call Jenny Craig!!

Why Agreement is so Important for On Page SEO

Many people ask me why Agreement is so important for On Page SEO. If you have ever watched any videos by Matt Cutts (Matt is the head of Google’s web spam team), you will notice that he often uses the term “Signals”. So, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Google (Free Food!! YAY!!), and think about what Google has to decipher every minute of every day as they index every website in the whole world. Yes, you read that right, the whole world as in all of them! Obviously, Google can’t send Matt out to every business and make sure each business or blog is what or who they say they are. So, Google looks at “Signals” that help them determine what a web page is all about. One of those signals is On Page Agreement. By taking steps such as this, Google is better able to give us all the search results we are actually looking for. Is Google perfect in this regard? No! But no one else is either, and I strongly suggest that since Google has more money than most nations and their name is now synonymous with Online Search , they are on the right track!

So what is On Page Agreement anyway? How does it effect SEO?

On Page Agreement effects SEO in several different ways, but many people still wonder what the term “Agreement” means or eludes to. So, knowing that Google is a text matching engine, and Agreement in this lesson deals with on page attributes, let’s take a look at several of the most important on page attributes and how agreement works. We will be dealing with basic HTML such as the page’s <title>TITLE TAG</title>, the header tags such as the <H1 TAG>, the page’s URL (like, and text body of the page itself. Let’s assume that we have already written text on the page with the goal of explaining what the page is all about. Hopefully, we understand what Keywords are, and have included them semi-liberally throughout said text body. And it would be a good idea to know what Stop Words are when creating a Title Tag, and leaving those words out. Now, let’s dive into Agreement!

How On Page Attributes and Agreement work together to create proper optimization

Proper website optimization begins with agreement between On Page Attributes. If we look at the most important attributes on page, we would all agree that the Title Tag, URL, Header Tags and Body Text are critical. And that is really where good SEO lays. If we have our important Keywords in the page Title, and if we can pick up a few of those keywords in the Page URL…and if we can reiterate those same keywords in the H1 tag on page we are doing well! Now, if we can RE-REITERATE those keywords (found in the Title, URL, and H1) in the first sentence of the Text Body under the H1 Tag, we are doing very good! And if we have those keywords in the Text Body as a whole, in a natural writing/speech format, we are doing really good! Superlative on page SEO would also mean that I might have these keywords relative to Image Title and Image Alt tags as well! And if you can keep this agreement format with all of your Header tags and the text below them, you are on your way to a page that will optimize quite well!


Many people approach me at this point in our SEO Training Seminars and ask me if this is all there is to SEO? My first answer is a resounding NO! However, as simple as it may seem, this is a huge part of Effective and Durable Search Engine Optimization, such as our Find Me™ SEO service. Keep in mind the premise of this blog post: It’s about On Page Basics! What are some other tips and tricks you like to employ on page for better optimization and page ranking? Please share those with us in the comments section below!

Is this all there is to Agreement with regards to SEO?

You might be wondering if this is all there is with regards to Agreement and SEO? Well, the answer to that question is no, too! Agreement addresses many things, some of which are not relegated to On Page SEO alone! In our next lesson, we will look at how Agreement and Authority intersect during Off Page SEO, and how to build Web Trust using those two factors for better page rank and effective local SEO.

Tiny Malone is a military veteran and a 21 year veteran in the automotive and technology field. Tiny built and ran several extremely successful internet sales departments for car dealerships in Louisiana, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and California. As Chief Operating Officer of Sphere Control SEO, Tiny heads up day to day operations. Tiny has five kids, loves to fish, is a huge LSU Football fan, and is a working professional photographer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can e-mail Tiny Malone here, or visit Sphere Control SEO home page. Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed on this blog post are those of Tiny Malone, and that as search engine algorithms change, so does effective methodology of appropriate SEO practices. The opinions expressed on this page are valid as of publish date under Google Panda 2.5. This is a basic lesson that does not cover all phases of in depth seo, which are available as a service from Sphere Control SEO and Sphere Control LLC.